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Indian Curry Leaf Plant



If the curry plant is in the small square pot (7cm), we can provide a 13cm pot and compost ready for you to re-pot it here.

Don't forget our Special Citrus Feed that we use each watering which can be found here.

Murraya koenigii, Bergera koenigii

This is the true curry leaf plant used in Southern and West Coast Indian and also Sri Lankan cooking often referred locally in India as Sweet Neem Leaves.

The leaves are often used in the start of cooking and added whilst frying the onions but can also be fried in oil until crispy and added as decoration to or crumbled onto the finished dish.

The flowers are small but highly scented and not dissimilar to a carrot flower head in appearance.
The fruit it produces is a pea sized red berry that turns black when ripe, also edible although the seeds are said to be toxic.
We just eat the fruit, spit out and plant the seeds!

The leaves do not keep well when off the plant and even in the fridge they have a very short shelf life, so why not grow your own and pick your own leaves fresh?

Looking after them is easy we treat them just like Citrus, in fact they are a very close relative of Citrus.
We feed with our Citrus Fertiliser each watering and allow them to almost completely dry out between waterings.
Temperature wise, although they can survive just frost-free in the winter like all our citrus, they do much better and stay darker green with a minimum of about 15-20 Celsius.

Supplied with a care sheet that you can also see here.

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