Open by appointment 10-4 Tuesday- Saturday. Plant heights are approximate and measured from ground (bottom of pot) unless stated otherwise.
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Plants for Beginners

For beginners we would suggest either a lemon, lime or the Calamondin orange.

All of the above usually flower more than once a year and can become virtually ever-bearing with all sizes of fruit on the tree at one time as well as some flowers!

The popular Meyer’s lemon we find can be tricky to over-winter so for beginners is best avoided.
Oranges or mandarins make delicious second plants, but for those already successfully growing Citrus most other cultivars can be readily grown.

Not all citrus have readily edible fruits, but most can be cooked, candied or juiced to make some edible product.

The “Kaffir” lime for instance is much prized for it leaves which are used extensively in Thai cooking, although the fruit is also used in winter soups.

The popular kumquat needs a greenhouse or conservatory all year round as it needs plenty of warmth to flower. However, it’s hybrids are fine outside for the summer and are also some of the best “Windowsill” plants.

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