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Four Seasons or Lunario Lemon


Our most popular lemon and good all round fruiter.

This is one of a few lemons collectively referred to as Amalfi Lemons along with Sfusato Amalfitano

Four seasons is a nickname for Lunario an old Italian cultivar that can have interest in all four seasons of the year.

This means it flowers often and so can build up a crop of fruit in various stages of maturity at any time of year.

Ideally you want to develop  a plant that has a few ripe lemons (they can store on the tree for six months or more), a few lemons, a little smaller to grow and replace the ripe ones as they are picked, and a couple of smaller sizes coming along.

If you are careful and don't overload the plant with too much fruit there is always the possibility of some flowers at the same time as well.

The flowers are often a deep pink in bud which slowly turns to pure white as they develop  and open.

A must have for lovers of the med.

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