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Miracle Berry or Fruit Plant


The Miracle is Miraculin

  Synsepalum dulcificum, a shrub indigenous to tropical West Africa, has long been known for it's fruits taste-changing properties.

These berries, called miraculous berries or miracle fruit, have the property of modifying the taste of sour foods and acid foods into a sweet taste after the fruit pulp has been chewed.

The protein responsible for this has been named "Miraculin" and temporary binds to the sweet taste receptors of the tongue and fools them into accepting acid, sour flavours and triggering a sweet signal to be sent to the brain.

The effect usually lasts about an hour, after which it is washed off the tongue by saliva or drinks.

Miraculin is rapidly de-activated by heat, so hot drinks and food should be avoided whilst using the berries.

Fresh Is Best

The fruit should be eaten fresh, if possible the fresher the better.

Fresh from the bush the fruit can be stored frozen for many months and taken out of the freezer 15 minutes before use.

Used fresh has the advantage of being able to plant the seed as well!

Pop The Fruit In

To get the effect only requires a couple of minutes.

Pop the fruit into your mouth and slowly chew the pulp off the seed, moving it around with your tongue to completely coat it this should take about 1 minute.

The fruit tastes only slightly sweet but has a very slight sherbet fizz to it.

Wait for another minute for the full affect to work before trying your acid/sour foods.


Most people are quite amazed, and finally realise that the Miracle Berry really works and is not at all an urban myth!

We often get friends saying they thought it was some kind of practical joke until they tried a lemon after eating a berry.

Miracle Berry Plants

These plants are tropical and need careful care and attention to thrive. They will die if over-watered or if allowed to dry out too much, but are well worth the effort to grow their amazing fruits.

Propagating miracle berry plants can be tricky as the seed looses viability quickly and is also difficult and very slow to germinate.

If the seeds germinate the growth in the first six months can be very slow indeed.

Luckily when they reach a year or so with a good set of leaves their growth speeds up and they continue to grow at a faster rate for the next two or three years.

Between about 4-6 years the first flowers should start appearing followed in 30-60 days by the cranberry like bright red fruits.

We have grown them here in the UK at our nursery for quite a few years and have several sizes available, all past that difficult first six months and ready for you to grow on to a fully fruiting Miracle Berry Plant.

Sometimes we even have fresh fruit available with ripe seeds so check above to try this amazing fruit for yourself.

Growing instructions for the Miracle Berry plant can be found here.

We have a very limited number of mature fruiting plants available, and many new flowering sizes at much reduced prices.




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